Charles Ancelle is a young French-born filmmaker. At an early age, he found a passion for visual arts and Hollywood films, spending all of his time doing two things: drawing the same thing over and over, and watching the same Spielberg films over and over.
This early persistence gave him a particular sense of detail and dedication as well as an infinite taste for American Cinema.
During his teens, Charles had his first contact with the filmmaking process at the Maine Media Workshops and fell in love with it. After that, he decided to dedicate his life to film by both dramatically increasing his knowledge of film through theoretical studies at the prestigious Sorbonne and avidly watching films from all eras, and by continuing to increase his directing experience by directing short films with his friends.
Charles then finally came back to the US to study film on a practical level, and continued to practice on his craft by directing more short films, the latest of which is The Pinhole Affect.

Additionally, Charles is the co-founder of ASCA FILMS.